Veteran Civic Center
(Special Forces Team House Project)

The Tampa Green Beret Association (TGBA) and Chapter LX of the Special Forces Association, both not-for-profit organizations, are raising money to build and operate a Veteran Civic Center just outside MacDill Air Force Base called a “Team House” in the tradition of Army Green Berets.  The building will be constructed on property currently owned by TGBA approximately ½ mile north of MacDill Air Force Base.  Our vision is to create a modern and unique space outside the strict security confines of a military installation that better facilitates the interaction of military members, retirees, & their families with veteran’s assistance, hiring organizations and the civilian community.

Tampa is home to the U S Special Operations Command, Central Command, SOCCENT (Special Operations Command Central Command) and the 6th Air Refueling Wing, along with over 25 Coalition Countries’ Special Operations Forces representatives.  Here of all places, you might think there would be a facility where Special Operations and other veterans, active and retired, could gather.  Regrettably, there is no such facility here in Tampa Bay.  Florida has the 2nd largest military retiree population in the United States with over 1 5 million Veterans.  Hillsborough County has more than any other county in Florida with 98,000 and MacDill AFB is home to 12,000 military personnel and their families.  Although the VA is very supportive of the veteran community here in Hillsborough County, there are additional needs that must be met by private non-profit organizations.  We envision the Veteran Civic Center becoming the center of outreach to this large veteran community, connecting active duty and retired veterans their families with a network of non-profit companies and organizations that provide services, assistance, and hiring.  The facility, right outside MacDill AFB, will be an ideal location to facilitate professional networking, pursuit of earned veterans’ benefits, training, education, and counseling for those who already have, or are transitioning to civilian life in the Tampa Bay area.  Additionally, we will host social events, briefings, and seminars highlighting the activities, capabilities, and benefits to the community of keeping America’s most professional warriors and their families in the Tampa Bay area.  Lastly, rental of the building for other events and activities will generate funding for our charitable, scholarship, and other initiatives supporting the Special Operations and greater veterans’ community here in Tampa Bay.

When completed it will be a unique world class multi-use facility to serve the Special Forces and Special Operations community here in Tampa Bay.  We sincerely hope you will consider helping us achieve this goal with your tax deductible financial contribution.  Our Employee Identification Number (EIN) is 45-1773565.
Tax deductible contributions may be made by cash or check and should be sent to the address below. You can also use the convenient form below.
TGBA, Inc.
ATTN: Team House Project
P.O. Box 6515 MacDill AFB, FL 33608-0515
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